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    Dr. Kenney practices small animal medicine and surgery at Houston Levee Animal Hospital in Cordova, Tennessee – a suburb of Memphis. He has a special interest in wellness care and is the author of The Wise Pet Owner which teaches pet owners how to save money on their pet's healthcare by taking steps to prevent many problems that veterinarians see everyday. He is also the author of Your Guide To Understanding Pet Health Insurance, which helps pet owners understand how pet insurance works and guides them through the research necessary to make an informed decision when choosing a pet insurance policy. He authors a blog, Your Pet Insurance Guide (, that covers the pet insurance industry in the United States. He hosts the Pet Insurance Guide Podcast, currently the only podcast dedicated solely to this topic. He is also the author of the Healthy Assurance blog on petMD. He is the editor of an updated version of The Golden Gems of Life originally published in 1880. He is a 1977 graduate of Auburn University’s School of Veterinary Medicine and a past president of the Memphis/Shelby County Veterinary Medical Association.

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